Not a student or performer at the Pillow? You can still dance here!  
Jacob's Pillow offers three types of movement classes for the visitor. Each Sunday of the Festival, a Master Dance Class is led by an artist performing that week. Mondays through Thursdays, Morning Classes are offered in Pilates, Ballet, Modern, or Arab-American Fusion. Also, seven Thursdays in July and August, a Families Dance Together at the Pillow inter-generational class is offered for youth 5-18 accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or other adult. Each type of class is open to all visitors and residents of the Berkshires, though with certain restrictions. "Day at the Pillow" is a tailored experience led by Pillow education interns for dance studio groups or families inquiring about summer dance programs.

Observe or participate in a class, attend Inside/Out performances, visit the Pillow Archives and tour the campus. Offered to groups with a specific dance interest. Free or nominal fee charged if group elects to arrange dance classes or interactions with artistic and program staff. Please call Pillow Education staff at 413.243.9919 x169 to plan a visit for your group.

Dance Classes and Visits

"My fellow dancers are outstanding; having them in class pushes me to challenge myself. That we all opinions and ideas creates a supportive environment where I feel comfortable to share myself fully and take risks-both very important to artistic growth." Kati Nybakken
Cultural Traditions: Flamenco Program

Community Programs at the Festival
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