We extend our sincere thanks to the following individuals who have joined the Jacob's Pillow Member community since April 1, 2010. New Members not only provide critical support for our robust array of dance presenting, education and preservation provided by Jacob's Pillow, but they also offer tangible proof the community of people who support the art form of dance is growing wider and stronger. Thank you.

Ted Shawn Circle - Silver
Paul Guth
C.J. and Ray Neag

Susan Mikula and Rachel Maddow

Janet and Lester Chun
Audrey and Michael Goodman
Teresa Ribadeneyra and Joseph P. Lalka
Bruce Sikora
Linda C. Stanley

Rosalind Cowie
John Crawford
Fynnette Eaton
Alice Fricke
Alison Hart* and Abi Tapia
Karen Hershey
Barbara Iredell
Lisa and Alan Kravitz
Brian M. Lariviere
Jack Levin
Dorothy Levy
Nathallie Kiser and Jenny Romero
Lauren and David Roth
Lynn Ryan Cook
Susan Savage and Stephen Mallett
Thomas R. Scott
Helen M. Shute and Hofesh Shechter
Cheryl D. Smith and Bernard J. Morzuch
Donna Taylor
Jane Tuckerman
Adriane and Michael Whalen
Ruth M. Wildhorn
Tim Yanka and Polly Nessa

Michael and Lynn Aptman
Alesha Arscott
Dorothy and Frederic Askin
Kristin Beckwith and Thomas Lee
Lili Bermant
Brian and Debbie Braganza
Stuart Brodsky
Susanne Bruyere
Thelma Bullock
James and Patricia Cavanaugh
Roberta and Michael Cooperman
Terri Danola
Graham Davies
Ella and George Eddy
Frances Feinerman
Nancy Fleischer
Kathy Goos
Ilana Grubel and Brian Zimmerman
Janel and Chuck Halpern
Jennifer Harris
Alexandra Heddinger and Marc Warren
Deborah Hirsch
Caleb Teicher
Eda and Bernard Klinger
Howard Marshall Konicov
Avram Kornberg
Daniel and Ruth Krasner
Peter LaBonte
David Lloyd and Meg Mortimer
Shannon Madden
Jennifer and Aubrey Markham
Susan and Todd Mayman
Greg Maynard and Susan Holmes
Charles Miller
Arthur Milliken
Dania Moss
Mathieu Moulin
Ben Munisteri and Ian Bell
Ellen and Andrei Munzer
Michelle Myerson
Valerie Orsborne
Mary J. Ramsay
Linda Roth
Elizabeth Rouse
Michael Rudy
Alice Sarkissian-Wolf
Hayden Saunier
Lena-Marie Schaefer
Philip and Alice Shabecoff
Jim and Lynn Shaffer
Harold Sparr and Suzanne Abramsky
Raj V. Tahil
Bonnie Taub Gordon
The Turner Family
Ann Wagar
Karin Watkins
Barbara Weber
Ginny* and Bill Weber
Diane and Robert Wespiser
David Whitman
Seth Williams
Deborah Wythe
Anonymous (2)

Miwako Chimura
Taylor Hendrick
Robyn Sklar Nelson and Arvid Nelson

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photo above: The Göteborg Ballet in OreloB; photo Ingmar Jernberg

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