Chance to Dance
Viewers’ Choice Contest

Jacob’s Pillow invited dance artists across all genres to participate in the Inside/Out: Chance to Dance viewers’ choice contest!

The Chance to Dance contest is a crowd-sourced online competition that allows dance fans from all around the world to have a say in who gets to perform as part of the Festival 2018 Inside/Out Performance Series. This year, the Pillow called for submissions from all 50 states to showcase the vast range of dance across the United States.

Voting is open to the public on PillowTV, the Jacob’s Pillow YouTube channel, from March 26–April 1.

Winner(s) will perform on Friday, August 3, 2018 as a part of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 2018 Season.

Learn more about the Inside/Out Series. The contest press release can be read here.