Jacob's Pillow Curriculum in MotionĀ® is the result of the Pillow's long-term inquiry into how dance can be a primary teaching tool for K-12 curriculum, and it holds an important place in national education reform efforts. Since the 1990s, Jacob's Pillow has offered professional development opportunities to artists interested in defining and refining the collaborative and choreographic strategies that build and sustain community and artistic goals. The Jacob's Pillow Curriculum in MotionĀ® process is but one of many examples of this work explored during the Choreographers' Lab and is the sole focus of the practicum opportunity offered through the Residency Co-Teaching Fellows Program.

School Residency Assistantships take place in the fall and spring at Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington, MA. The program is open to alumni of the Choreographer's Lab: Leading Communities to Dance Program. Artists with youth teaching experience and strong choreographic ability are invited to co-teach with Pillow Artist Educator Celeste Miller during annual residencies.

Professional Development for Artists

"What makes the Pillow so unique...as an artist, it is the quality of what you are doing that is important, not whether it is popular."
- Arthur Mitchell, Founder and Artistic Director, Dance Theatre of Harlem

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