Friday, July 26 at 6:15pm


Cage Shuffle marries the words of John Cage with the choreography of Annie-B Parson and the performance of Paul Lazar in a playful, profound, accessible expression of the joyous interconnectedness of the mind, body, and nature. Through telling and dancing simple, funny, child-friendly stories, Cage Shuffle proves John Cage’s radically simple precept that things as they are are miraculous. This notion is equally essential and elevating to all who partake of the piece.

Founded in 1991, Big Dance Theater is known for its inspired use of dance, music, text, and visual design. The company often works with wildly incongruent source material, weaving and braiding disparate strands into multi-dimensional performance. Led by Artistic Director Annie-B Parson, Big Dance Theater has delved into the literary work of such authors as Twain, Tanizaki, Wellman, Euripides, and Flaubert, and dance is used as both frame and metaphor to theatricalize these writings. Together, Larson and Lazar were the inaugural recipients of the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award.

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