Thursday, August 9 at 6:15PM

Sarah Elgart | Arrogant Elbow engages audiences by transforming and catalyzing stages, screens, and sites, and painting them with singular visuals and visceral movement drawn from the quotidian human experience. Inspired by the fact that light from a star is actually memory made visible, Shape of Memory is a roving, site-specific work that begins on the stage then moves through the Pillow grounds melding gravity, distance, and scale, to explore how memory inhabits the body and the self, the individual and the collective.
With an original score by composer/guitarist Nels Cline of Wilco, in collaboration with composer Paul Chavez of FeltLike, Shape of Memory is a work about the ephemerality of dance and life and reclaiming things lost in the face of the unstoppable passage of time. The work seeks to create a new memory and leave a lingering “ghost imprint” in the viewers’ experience.

FREE                 FAMILY-FRIENDLY              OUTDOOR             SITE-SPECIFIC

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Sarah Elgart | Arrogant Elbow

At Jacob’s Pillow: Aug 9