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Kayla Hamilton is a Black Disabled choreographer, producer, and educator originally from Texarkana, Texas, who now resides in the Bronx. For her Pillow debut, Hamilton brought her newest work, Nearly Sighted/unearthing the dark, which explores how we gather information from artistic experiences without relying on eyesight, and challenges the audience’s imagination by providing multiple ways in which to “see” the movement. Hamilton is a member of the 2017 Bessie Award-winning collective “the skeleton architecture, or the future of our worlds.” Her work has been presented at Gibney, Performance Space New York, and New York Live Arts.

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“Not all of Hamilton’s work takes place in the dark, of course, but the use of audio description (AD) and American Sign Language (ASL) are integral to her process and product. That’s evident in her new piece, “Nearly Sighted/unearthing the dark,” which the Bronx-based artist brings to Jacob’s Pillow on Friday for one performance only.” Read more in the Times Union.

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Kayla Hamilton

At Perles Family Studio: Aug 26