Mina Nishimura / Kota Yamazaki | July 14, 2022

Dance Magazine calls Tokyo-born dance artist Mina Nishimura “a darling of the experimental dance scene.” Nishimura will perform excerpts from her new work, Mapping a Forest while Searching for an Opposite Term of Exorcist, which re-imagines a way of organizing a body and a space where multiple energies, traits, memories, and identities are bubbling up and disappearing. The program will also present I, Ghost, the Other (self), or You, a work in progress created by Nishimura with the Bessie Award-winning Japanese dance theater artist Kota Yamazaki.

Event Dates
Thursday, Jul 14

6:00 PM

Mina Nishimura / Kota Yamazaki

At Henry J. Leir Outdoor Stage: Jul 14