Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s Happy Hour | Jul 26-Aug 4

Come for a drink, stay for a life-changing experience! Monica Bill Barnes & Company turns Sommers Studio into an after-work office party hosted by company member Robbie Saenz de Viteri with a karaoke machine and dime store decor. Dressed in a pair of everyday men’s suits, Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass hijack the party playing two instantly familiar guys. It’s a subversive move, leading audiences to question our expectations of women on stage, with a free drink in their hands and microwave popcorn in the air.

The New York Times lauds, “like all good happy hours this one has plentiful munchies and libations. And like the best ones, it offers abundant laughter.” Happy Hour continues Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s mission to bring dance where it doesn’t belong.

“It’s funny. It’s got tons of feeling. Free drinks for the audience. And it’s just an hour.  Hello new way to do a show!”

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Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s Happy Hour

At Jacob’s Pillow: Jul 26 - Aug 4