Pillow Lab: In Process with Australian Dance Theatre | Showing: May 11, 2019 at 2pm

Australian Dance Theatre travels to Jacob’s Pillow in the development of their newest work, Supernature. Conceived and choreographed by Artistic Director Garry Stewart, Supernature explores concepts in relation to interspecies hybridity, metamorphosis, mutations, and the processes of evolution. It raises questions about fundamental aspects of our existence–our artificiality, our ‘animalness’, and our relationship with the environment, blurring the boundaries between the real and the sur-real.

Over the week of the Pillow Lab residency, Stewart will engage the dancers in task-based choreographic methodology in order to research movement material generated to represent the human fascination with the imagined future of ourselves as a species. The residency will also involve a talk given by Stewart on the new work and how it fits into the ongoing rubric,The Nature Series. This series involves a number of works that Stewart is making over the next few years that explores ‘nature’ from various conceptual perspectives.

For over 50 years, Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) has been creating exceptional contemporary dance and touring it to wide acclaim nationally and internationally since its inception. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, ADT is at the forefront of Australian contemporary dance, committed to creating dance works of the highest standard that are intellectually and artistically compelling. For the past 20 years, ADT has been under the artistic direction of Garry Stewart. Under Stewart’s leadership, ADT has become renowned for creating large-scale contemporary dance works inspired by imagination and technical innovation. The company has an impressive history of collaborating with artists from a wide range of cultural domains. With the dancers of the company, Stewart has developed a distinctive movement vocabulary that underpins the company’s unique identity.

Australian Dance Theatre’s residency is supported by the Vivienne Jones Endowment Fund at Jacob’s Pillow, which makes residencies for artists based outside of New York and New England possible.

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Pillow Lab: In Process with
Australian Dance Theatre

At Perles Family Studio: May 11