Pillow Lab: In Process with Liz Lerman | Showing: January 19 at 2pm

Visionary artist, choreographer, writer, educator and speaker Liz Lerman develops her new evening-length dance-theater piece. Wicked Bodies wonders about the persistence across time and culture of old crones, evil stepmothers, and the use of the body as a source of fear by governments and institutions. In the presence of magic both old and new, drones as familiars, and surprising collection of witches, the piece asks why some knowledge is celebrated, some criminalized, and some erased altogether. Key collaborators on the project include media designer Kate Freer, sound designer Darron L. West, co-choreographer Keith Thompson, and a group of incredible movers and actors. A MacArthur “Genius” Fellow and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award Winner, Lerman was the founder of Dance Exchange and is currently an Institute Professor at Arizona State University.

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Event Dates
Saturday, Jan 19

2:00 PM

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Pillow Lab: In Process with
Liz Lerman

At Jacob’s Pillow: Jan 19