Pillow Lab: In Process with Souleymane Badolo | Showing: March 23 at 2pm

Born in Burkina Faso and currently based in Brooklyn, dancer and choreographer Souleymane ‘Solo’ Badolo fuses traditional African dance and Western contemporary dance to form a transnational movement dialect. Upon meeting Kantoro Yiguya, a Burkinabe vocalist and spiritual guide, Badolo became interested in developing a work that explores the power of divine femininity in healing practices through music and dance. Yiguya sings to cleanse an ailing spirit by ceremoniously conjuring clarity and rebirth; the title, Tìippa translates to “healer” in Moré.

Badolo aims to challenge the Western fears around this kind of practice to present a joyful portrait of Burkinabe devotion and its close relationship with performance. This residency integrates spiritual, cultural, and artistic identities, continuing research that began in Burkina Faso in 2017 with vocalist Yiguya, musician Timbiri Winsey, and research assistant Leah Moriarty.

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  • Souleymane Badolo performing Yimbégré from 2016
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Pillow Lab: In Process with
Souleymane Badolo

At Jacob’s Pillow: Mar 23