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This spacious, informal library and reading room allows visitors to view videos, browse through books, access the Pillow’s computer catalog, or peruse permanent collections of Pillow programs and photographs from the Archives. The Norton Owen Reading Room and new Special Collections Room also feature recent donations and more archival treasures from the Stephan Driscoll Collection.


Welcoming The World
in Blake’s Barn

From the first international artists who performed here in the 1940s to today, Jacob’s Pillow has long worked to connect audiences with all kinds of dance. As people now emerge from extended isolation, the need for cultural exchange is keener than ever. Using historic photos and moving images that span the globe and transcend time, this exhibition demonstrates the wide-ranging definition of dance that has always epitomized the Pillow’s worldview. Curated by Tanisha Jones, Hari Krishnan, and Norton Owen.

  • This exhibit will be discussed in our free PillowTalk on Sunday, July 9 at 4pm

Fantasy Meets Reality: The Far East Tour
in Blake’s Barn

Denishawn’s Asian tour in 1925-26 proved pivotal in the artistic evolution of Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis, as their famous oriental dance fantasies encountered authentic Asian dances and audiences. Shawn and St. Denis spent months studying with local artists, buying up hordes of set and costume pieces. Their return set off a renaissance of Western interest in authentic Asian dance, opening doors for Asian and Asian American artists. Today, costumes from the Far East Tour challenge us to examine what it means to share culture with integrity. Curated by Phil Chan and Caroline Hamilton.

  • This exhibit will be discussed in our free PillowTalk on Saturday, July 15 at 4pm

Envisioning a New Theater
in the Ted Shawn Theatre Lobby

An international team of architects and designers/consultants are now busily planning a new Doris Duke Theatre to re-imagine the beloved structure consumed by fire in 2020. On display here are color renderings, a scale model, VR simulations, and other resources to help audiences visualize this exciting new building project and its design process. With a projected opening in summer 2025, the Doris Duke Theatre is envisioned as a versatile home for dance-making and performance in the 21st century. Curated by Katy Dammers and Norton Owen.

  • This exhibit will be discussed in our free PillowTalk with architect Francine Houben on Saturday, August 12 at 4pm

Online Exhibit: Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive

This evolving online resource features breathtaking video highlights of Pillow performances from the early 1930s through today, with an expanded section of multimedia essays featuring talks, photos, and other exclusive content organized into various themes.

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