This performance took place on August 27, 2022. Scroll for more information.

Founded by internationally recognized performer and choreographer Yue Yin, YYDC came to Jacob’s Pillow with two recent works. The first is Ember, commissioned by Asia Society Museum, New York, this piece features fluid yet dynamic unison while exploring individuality and the possibilities that interdependence offers in a diverse society. The program was followed by another ensemble work Ripple, an intimate and intricate work representing the spectrum between order and chaos, which premiered in 2021 at the 92nd Street NY Harkness Mainstage Series in New York City. Yue showcased her signature movement language called FoCo Technique™ in this double bill presentation, which draws from Chinese classical and folk dance, ballet as well as contemporary dance vocabulary.

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At outdoor Henry J. Leir Stage: Aug 27