The Jacob’s Pillow
Sustainability Initiative

Small Steps, Big Impact

The Jacob’s Pillow Sustainability Initiative aims to ensure the longevity of our organization as a National Historic Landmark, surrounding community, and natural resources through the practice and promotion of environmentally friendly practices.

The Jacob’s Pillow Sustainability Initiative launched in 2018, after the institution celebrated its 85th anniversary. The initiative stems out of a desire to better assess the needs of our physical 220-acre forested site, in order to secure a thriving and successful future. Stewarding both short and long term goals, the initiative often works in partnership with local organizations.

Our focus

  • Creating a culture of sustainability among staff, artists, and visiting patrons
  • Reducing our water consumption
  • Managing our waste products
  • Investing in renewable energy sources
  • Insisting on Green Printing

Join us in taking small steps for our National Historic Landmark!