Ted Shawn Theatre c.1950s; photo New York Times

“There’s no place like Jacob’s Pillow.”

Published in 2012, this New Yorker article is a favorite overview of our beloved dance festival. From observing students of The School at Jacob’s Pillow and taking community dance classes to taking in PillowTalks and the Archives, the piece perfectly sums up all the unique experiences the Pillow has to offer.

Writer Andrew Boynton also sings the praises of Never Stand Still, the 2012 documentary covering the Pillow’s extensive history. “What runs through the film is the sense that the Pillow is hallowed ground, a place revered by dancers. One never forgets being at Jacob’s Pillow,” writes Boynton. “The ephemerality of dance is one of its special qualities, and to have a home like the Pillow, which celebrates that, and thrives on it, is wonderful.”

Never Stand Still lovingly conveys the connection between place, performer, and audience that exists at the Pillow. But there is nothing like being there. Go if you can.”

You can watch a television version of Never Stand Still for free on the PBS website, or search for the full version on Netflix.

Read the full New Yorker piece here.

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The Jacob’s Pillow Archives document the history of the Festival and School and the artists who have taken part in these activities, with particular emphasis on Ted Shawn, Ted Shawn’s Men Dancers, and the Denishawn Company.

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Observation Schedule

The public is invited to observe dancers of The School at Jacob’s Pillow in classes and rehearsals as they work with world-renowned artist faculty.

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Morning Classes

June 8-August 28, 8-9am | A variety of dance and movement classes are offered each weekday morning in the Pillow’s Ruth St. Denis Studio. Classes are open to participants of all experience levels including beginners, ages 16+.

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