Asia Myles-Funches; photo Noor Eemaan
Asia Myles-Funches; photo Noor Eemaan

Throughout the 10-week Festival, the Jacob’s Pillow Marketing/Digital Media interns focus on the creation of digital content and its strategic implementation through email, website, and social media channels. In addition to assisting the marketing department digitally the Marketing/Digital Media interns manage on-site patron tables, community outreach and events, off-site marketing events, group visit logistics, and more. Marketing Assistant Aki Blackshear sat down with 2018 Marketing/Digital Media intern Asia Myles-Funches to get an inside look into a typical Festival work week.


Monday is my day off so I typically explore the Berkshires.


I come into the office and prepare myself for the week. I begin by concentrating on our “Week at the Pillow” signs, a schedule posted on all of our bulletin boards that outlines programming for the week. I’ll also work on creating and sending out pre-visit emails, giving patrons a preview of upcoming performances that week and more insight into what the Pillow offers. I select and crop photos, write descriptive copy, and route materials through multiple departments prior to sending.

I meet weekly with my supervisor and we decide what projects I’ll be concentrating on that are outside of the recurring projects. We also discuss future meetings I plan on facilitating with other departments and what the focus of those meetings will be. Sometimes there will be a Pillow Pick to work on, for the Jacob’s Pillow blog, where I have the freedom to take on topics that interest me. These include interviews with artists, profiles on The School at Jacob’s Pillow dancers, or a glimpse into the programs presented throughout the Festival. A specific interest of mine is graphic design so I take on these projects if there is a need.


Wednesday, the Festival week kicks into gear. I continue with website assignments using basic coding to edit, create, and add to pages and finish up basic design projects including various posters, social graphics, and promotional signs. Some of my favorites were our Welcome Center signs, National Dance Day social graphics, and Free Fun Friday signs.

Being a marketing intern I am blessed with the opportunity to function as a floating worker. I work with the development department, assisting with their patron table on Thursday evenings. I work in the box office at the will call booth and problem-solve any ticketing issues with the box office team Wednesday and Friday evenings. I really have the opportunity to engage with patrons directly—something that I didn’t expect in this internship. It was exciting to not always be working at my desk!


Saturday and Sunday tend to be more relaxed because the week is wrapping up. If I have any personal projects or Pillow Picks that I need to complete, these will usually get attention on these days. I also try to see a matinee performance if I was unable to earlier in the week or if I really love the show I see it again because you have that opportunity.

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