Photographing Dance

Nteranya Arnold Sanginga & Meghan Johnson of Macalester College; photo Lydia Huibregtse
Nteranya Arnold Sanginga & Meghan Johnson of Macalester College; photo Lydia Huibregtse

As reported by Dance Teacher Magazine in the December 2018 issue.

Dance and photography have long been considered sister arts. Each has the ability to convey ideas and emotions, tell stories, stimulate the imagination and visually captivate us. One relies on stillness and the other on movement. So how do photographers successfully combine these in a fixed image to capture the beauty, power, and artistry of dance?

In a six-day immersive workshop during Festival 2018, 12 Photographers gathered to address this and other questions with Rose Eichenbaum, Los Angeles based award-winning photographer and photojournalist. Eichenbaum directed the Art of Photographing Dance, with faculty that included New York photographers Whitney Browne and Christopher Duggan, who is also the Pillow’s longtime Festival Photographer.

Workshop participants (who were accepted by portfolio review) were invited to submit to a contest for “Most compelling image.” Eichenbaum selected the winner, Lydia Huibregtse, and two honorable mentions.

Read the full article and view the winning photo here, then scroll down for more from Lydia!

“I learned so much from my first time in the program that I knew I had to come back the next year. Jacob’s Pillow itself is so inspiring and to have the opportunity to photograph dancers in that environment is truly invaluable. My confidence as a photographer grew immensely during the program. It really is a wonderful experience!”

2017 & 2018 Art of Photographing Dance Alum

Jeremy Bannon Neches; photo Lydia Huibregtse
Jeremy Bannon Neches of ODC/Dance; photo Lydia Huibregtse
Mia J. Chong of ODC Dance; photo Lydia Huibregtse
Mia J. Chong of ODC/Dance; photo Lydia Huibregtse

Art of Photographing Dance

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