Education at Jacob's Pillow

Education programs are a key component of Jacob’s Pillow’s mission and are integrated throughout the organization. The Pillow’s inclusive atmosphere, international scope and commitment to engagement fosters a unique environment that encourages interaction among artists, students, faculty, scholars and audiences. This commitment reaches beyond the Pillow grounds to schools, universities and organizations, providing dance curriculum for students and teachers and offering support for scholars and fellows.

Education Programs & Workshops

Jacob’s Pillow Curriculum in Motion®

Drawing upon K-12 academic topics as source material, choreographic works are developed by students through a co-teaching process between classroom teachers and the Pillow's roster of prominent Artist Educators.

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The Art of Photographing Dance at Jacob’s Pillow

Led by award-winning dance photographer Rose Eichenbaum, The Art of Photographing Dance is a 6-day intensive experience that focuses on the art of photographing dance and dancers.

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