Apply & Audition

Application Process

The application process is similar for all our dance programs at The School. Each application has two parts:

  1. Submit an application
  2. Attend an in-person audition or submit a video audition.

1. Submit an Application

The completed application package is a 6-step online application form including a scholarship application if selected.

Learn more:
How To Apply: Program Application
How To Apply: Scholarship Application
Policies & Fees
Scholarship Opportunities

2. Attend an in-person Audition or submit a Video Audition

Audition In Person

In-person Audition Master Classes/Workshops are available for the Tap, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre Dance Programs in 2017. For Ballet Program applicants a video audition is required.

Learn more about The School’s 2017 Program Auditions.

Video Audition

Video auditions are required for Ballet program and are accepted in place of in-person auditions for Tap, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre Dance. This ensures all dancers can be considered for acceptance, regardless of ability to attend an in-person Audition Master Class. Footage must be relevant to program choice(s), shot no more than six months prior to submission, and of clear viewing quality.

Learn more about video audition requirements