On-Site Accessibility at Jacob’s Pillow

Jacob’s Pillow is dedicated to fostering a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for patrons visiting our grounds as well as our website. We are committed to growing our organization in ways that make it possible for all to feel welcomed.

Jacob’s Pillow is located in the hilly, rocky terrain of Becket. MA. We have made improvements to our campus, but physical access varies across our facilities. Efforts to increase access are ongoing.

For requests or additional accessibility information, please contact the Box Office at 413.243.0745 or boxoffice@jacobspillow.org.  For any questions, concerns, or feedback please contact 413.243.9919 or info@jacobspillow.org.

Visiting the Campus Grounds

Physical Accessibility
  • Jacob’s Pillow is located 0.6 miles down George Carter Road off of Route 20/Jacob’s Ladder Road. The main entrance to Jacob’s Pillow is on the right.
  • The parking lot is small, firm-packed gravel with accessible paved parking spaces near the Box Office.
  • Golf cart transportation between the parking lots and all buildings and theaters is available upon request on arrival.
  • Jacob’s Pillow’s studios and administrative buildings have ramps where you can be dropped off at or that can be accessed via the Main Path. The Main Path is a stone-chip-gravel-covered firm blacktop pathway that extends through campus from the main parking lot to the entrance of the Henry J. Leir Stage at George Carter Road.
  • Our Box Office, Ted Shawn Theatre, Archives, and Pillow Pub are wheelchair accessible from the main parking lot.
  • Our Henry J. Leir Stage includes a drop off location off of George Carter Road with paved pathways to our wheelchair-accessible and companion seating. Cars will need to be parked by guests in the main parking lot after drop off.
  • Assistive listening devices are available for performances at the Ted Shawn Theatre and Henry J. Leir Stage.
Campus Terrain
  • The Box Office is connected to Blake’s Barn and is about 130’ from the main parking lot with a 2° slope.
  • The Ted Shawn Theatre is about 275’ from the main parking lot on a highly-textured firm blacktop covered with small stone chip gravel path with a 1.5° slope.  You can get a golf cart ride to the Ted Shawn Theatre from the main parking lot, and be dropped off 30’ from the entrance.
  • The Henry J. Leir Stage is about 555’ from the main parking lot. The entrance to the Henry J. Leir Stage is loose gravel transitioning to a wood chip pathway with a 4° slope.  There is a 7° slope down the wood chip aisle.
  • Our campus has mixed terrain, including stone-chip gravel paths, blacktop, wood chip paths, and grass. Not all transitions are smooth, and some building have <1″ lips at their entrances.
  • There are all-gender restrooms across from the Ted Shawn Theatre.
  • There are all-gender restrooms located at the center of campus attached to the Annex. They are the closest restrooms to the Henry J. Leir stage, Pillow Store, and all studios.  Each contain one wheelchair accessible stall with a changing table.
  • Single-user restrooms are available in the Ted Shawn Theatre.