Staff Directory

Pamela Tatge, Director

  • Anna McDunn, Program Fellow/Assistant to Director x113


  • Jennifer Calienes, Interim Deputy Director x110
  • Ariana Brawley, Associate Producer  x111
  • Patsy Garcia, Office Manager  x141
  • Samantha McClain, Company Management Fellow x114


  • Norton Owen, Director of Preservation  x150
  • Patsy Gay, Associate Archivist x154
  • Caroline Hamilton, Archives & Preservation Fellow x156


  • Miriam Kronberg, Director of Finance & Human Resources  x140
  • Monika Brunnschweiler, Accounting & Human Resources Coordinator  x142
  • Melanie Najarian, Retail Coordinator x112
  • Bonnie Marks, Bookkeeping & Systems Coordinator x145
  • Robert Pulford, Controller x144

Community Engagement

  • Thasia Giles, Director of Community Engagement x161
  • Zorelly Cepeda Derieux, Community Engagement Coordinator x165
  • Zack Wilks, Community Engagement Fellow x164


  • Alexandra Groff, Director of Development  x125
  • Diane Wortis, Deputy Director of Philanthropic Engagement x124
  • Joshua Briggs, Manager of Institutional Support  x121
  • Gretchen Weber, Gala & Special Events Manager  x126
  • Michele Bastow, Membership & Partnerships Manager x123
  • Clayton Willis, Ted Shawn Circle Concierge x129


  • Morgan Taylor, Director of Facilities x202
  • Jay Lopez, Facilities Coordinator x203
  • Samantha Ticker, Facilities Administrator x203
  • Robert Breault, Housekeeping
  • Cameron MacDonald, Groundskeeper
  • Anthony Coehlo, Custodian


  • Abigail Wood, Director of Marketing & Communications  x130
  • Katherine Casey, Creative Director  x135
  • Mikaela Tripp, Digital Content & Marketing Manager x131
  • Erica Brown, Patron Services Manager x138
  • Quinn Czejkowski, Assistant Box Office Manager x137
  • Nicole Tomasofsky, Public Relations & Publications Coordinator x132
  • Sophia Romeu, Social Media & Digital Content Coordinator x139
  • Akinyemi Blackshear, Marketing Fellow x133


  • George Greiner, Director of Operations & Systems  x143


  • Vincent Vigilante, Director of Technical Production  x170
  • Sarah Escobedo, Production Coordinator x181

The School

  • “J.R.” Glover, The Carole & Dan Burack Director of The School at Jacob’s Pillow x160
  • Melissa Martinez, School Programs Coordinator x163
  • Karen Karlberg, School Administrative Assistant  x162
  • Paula Modafferi, School Programs Fellow x168