The Ann & Weston Hicks
Choreography Fellowship 

Program Directors Dianne McIntyre and Risa Steinberg 
August 19 – August 29 | At the Pillow

Guest Speakers to be announced in the spring| Read about the Artist Faculty

For eight choreographers who have been creating professional work for a minimum of two years. Choreographers from varied traditions, who work in the United States and internationally, and consider themselves early to mid-career choreographers, with or without academic training, are welcomed to apply.  Choreographers are generally 22-35 years of age, though all early to mid-career choreographers will be considered. The Pillow is the recipient of funding to support a childcare subsidy for women choreographers thanks to Elizabeth “Liza” Yntema in support of women leadership in the arts.


Led by long-time transformative dance artists and mentors, Dianne McIntyre and Risa Steinberg, the Choreography Fellowship is fully process-oriented, with no expectations of an end-product or public showing. Each day features extensive studio time for the eight choreographers to advance their choreographic ideas through research and experimentation. Discussions, assignments, and individual feedback sessions further guide each Hicks Choreographer in crafting and evolving their choreographic material.

Guest artists, dance presenters, curators, and other professionals in the field will meet and speak with the Hicks Choreographers, and their dancers, to share insights and career advice. This truly dance-immersive experience includes living onsite, researching in the Jacob’s Pillow Archives, viewing dance exhibitions, seeing Festival companies perform, and attending artist and scholar-led talks. Throughout the program, Hicks Choreographers strengthen their individual artistic points of view and acquire an influential network important for a choreographic career.

Hicks Choreographers invite two dancers to join them onsite to ensure that work developed at the Pillow can continue in their home communities if desired. Participation costs for the eight chosen choreographers and their two dancers is underwritten, with the exception of travel costs, and each choreographer and dancer receives a modest stipend. Post-program, a continued 10-hours of one-on-one mentoring will be available to each choreographer.

Program Directors Dianne McIntyre (left) and Risa Steinberg (right) in discussion between rehearsal visits about resources and mentorship to share with choreographers.

“This program addressed my needs as an artist as it gave me time, space, community and most importantly, mentorship. It provided me with the confidence that I have been lacking and skills to speak about my work and an ability to reframe myself.”
—Hicks Choreographer 2022

“I believe this is just the program to help examine what you need to say and how you can best communicate your ideas through the body to other bodies. I came into this program with an idea of myself and my work…and on the first day I lost that. And what I found was more valuable. I found myself within a bigger context and history of artists and voices that came before me. I came out with clarity and many questions to continue exploring.”
—Hicks Choreographer 2020




Program Tuition Fee | Underwritten

Hicks Choreographers are not charged tuition as the fellowship is underwritten by the program sponsors’ endowment. A modest honorarium to help selected choreographers and dancers fully participate is provided; details will be described in the acceptance package. The Pillow is the recipient of funding to support a childcare subsidy for women choreographers thanks to Elizabeth “Liza” Yntema in support of women leadership in the arts.

Participation Requirements & Policies

Jan 29 at 11:59pm EST | Priority Deadline | $45 processing fee

Feb 26 at 11:59pm EST | Regular Deadline | $50 processing fee

After Feb 26 | Rolling Basis* | $55 processing fee

Acceptd offers financial assistance to applicants who meet application fee waiver requirements. Applcation fee waivers are subject to approval by the Acceptd Support team and are granted based on proper documentation, when provided in advance of an application submission. Contact Acceptd Support.

*Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by Program Directors and School staff; with admittance status sent by email on a rolling basis. 

Want free streaming access to a full-length performance from the 2023 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival?
Submit your application by the priority deadline, and you’ll receive free access to stream the Martha Graham Dance Company‘s 2023 performance on Jacob’s Pillow On Demand from January 8 through February 4, 2024.

  • Clicking BEGIN YOUR APPLICATION takes you to Acceptd, our application portal where you will upload materials described below.
  • Review the Application Guidelines located there in order to submit a complete and competitive application.
  • Before submitting, review your work carefully, as only complete applications are considered for acceptance.
  • If you need any assistance, contact

Required Program Application Materials to Upload

1. Audition Video

Footage must be of clear viewing quality. Media-enhanced, highly edited, or promotional type videos are not reviewed. use one of the following file types to successfully upload your video(s): MP4, M4V, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, MPG, MPEG, M2V, MKV, and WEBM.

  • Verbal self-introduction, 2 minutes maximum
    • Introduce yourself
    • Share: your current choreographic interests, your choreographic strong points and deficits, how you envision this program impacting your choreographic work, the choreographic projects you envision for yourself in the near future, and whose work interests you today, in dance and in one other art form.
  • Work Sample no. 1
    • This work should be the piece that you feel best represents you today.
    • Share the complete work, no excerpts
    • Provide title, credits, when and where performed
    • The footage can be from a studio, performance, site-specific, zoom, or other venue shoot.
  • Work Sample no. 2
    • This work should be no more than three years old
    • Share the complete work, no excerpts
    • Provide title, credits, when and where performed
    • The footage can be from a studio, performance, site-specific, zoom, or other venue shoot.
  • Work Sample no. 3 is optional
    • A complete work, or an excerpt, of your choice, viewed only if questions arise that may be answered by seeing another work sample
    • Not to exceed 10 minutes in length
2. Written Statement of Proposed Artistic Inquiry

In 200 words or less, please share:

    • The proposed creative/artistic inquiry you wish to explore during the program. Focus on the choreographic idea(s) to be explored; it is not necessary to have such details as music/composer, length of work, number of dancers, costuming, and other production elements outlined at this point.
    • Finish this statement: “This summer, in thinking about what I know how to do and what I haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore in my life as a choreographer, I’d like to…”
3. Headshot
4. Résumé/C.V.
5. Support Material
    1. Selected samples of programs, reviews, and/or articles about your work combined into one PDF document. 

Clicking APPLY NOW takes you to the Acceptd website, our application portal.