We are recovering from the loss of our beloved Doris Duke Theatre. If you are looking for a way to support the Pillow’s future at this time, please donate here.

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For over 85 years, Jacob’s Pillow has produced a world-class dance Festival and provided essential training for generations of young artists at The School. Our continued success greatly depends on the strength and support of our community. The Pillow is a thriving platform for dance because of people like you, who have been moved by this art. Your support ensures that we can provide a place for artists to grow and transform and invigorates the cultural landscape of the Berkshires.

Donna Astion

Pillow Member

Supporter Stories

“The Pillow has been a constant in my life since I was 14. I would travel from my childhood nome in Northfield, MA to attend shows whenever I could. Both my children, now grown, spent many summer nights at the I/O stage, watching all sorts of dance. What a fantastic venue to introduce children to the lively arts.”

Judy Grunberg

Pillow Member

Supporter Stories

“In our day and age, creative artists don’t have any time to perfect their work or even to make their work because they’re so busy doing other jobs that they have to do to keep their lives to get here. These residencies are really important - to have a place where you don’t have to worry about distractions. They can just concentrate on their art. That’s why I support the Pillow, always. We need these places more and more now. “

Laura Ingoglia

1962 and 1963 School participant and longtime member

Supporter Stories

“Participating in Jacob’s Pillow as a young student and now as an audience member and supporter has truly enriched my life. It is my profound desire that the Pillow be able to continue to nurture careers of its dedicated students, inspire its audiences, empower performing artists around the world, and ensure that the magnificent art of dance flourishes for generations.”

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