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We have reached the end of our special 48-hour post-show viewing period. Full video footage of Dance We Must is no longer available to view.

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Join us for a Post-Show Dance Party on Zoom (8:30pm EDT), where we’ll toast the performers and celebrate Ronald K. Brown, recipient of the 2020 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award. Hosted by Christal Brown, with DJ DP One.


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Closed captioning in English is available for this video. Click the [CC] button in the video player and select “English CC.” Playback issues? Try refreshing your browser. Scroll down for additional tips.

Viewing Instructions

Dance We Must will last approximately 75 minutes. Although this event can be played on a phone or tablet, we recommend watching Dance We Must on a computer. Turn on full-screen view by clicking the full-screen icon in the lower-right corner of the video player. You can return to a smaller-screen view by clicking the same lower-right icon while in full-screen view.

Can’t hear the video? Check both the volume level on your computer or device as well as the volume setting in the lower-right corner of the video player. Also check that your computer or device has not accidentally paired with an unused Bluetooth speaker or headset in your home. If you intend to play audio via Bluetooth, check that your speaker or headset has paired successfully with your computer or device, resetting the connection if needed.

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The Post-Show Dance Party is free and open to all, hosted on Zoom, and will begin at approximately 8:30pm EDT. Hosted by Christal Brown, Founding Artistic Director of INSPIRIT, and New York-based DJ DP One.

Video from the post-show party will not stream to this webpage. To attend on Zoom, click the blue button above, and complete the brief registration form to receive a link to the event. 

The post-show party will run approximately 30 minutes. We recommend watching from a desktop or laptop. If you join from a phone or tablet, you will need to download the Zoom app first.

Partygoers can live chat with one another and volunteer to be featured on screen—or simply watch the party happen. If you would like to be seen on the digital dance floor, please create a Zoom account in advance of the event, and use the “raise hand” button if you want to be spotlighted.

Use the chat function in Zoom to talk directly with partygoers. We will also be monitoring the chat to help troubleshoot any technical difficulties you may encounter.

Special Thanks to our Event Producer

Nel Shelby, Producer / Editor

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Assistant Producer / Editor

Vincent Vigilante

Benjamin Richards
Livestream Consultant / Editor / Graphic Animation

Amber Schmiesing
Livestream Technician / Editor

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Kate Ladenheim
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Jennifer Hull
Invitation Design

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