Online Events: FAQ

How can I stream online performances? 

Full-length performances will premiere on a monthly basis, with each available to stream for four weeks. All full-length performances require an online registration of $15 for access. Registration for 2023-24 streams will open in early November.

Once registered, you will receive a notification email on the day of the premiere to log in and enjoy watching. If you register during the on-demand period (after the show has premiered), you will receive a confirmation email that allows immediate login access to using the email address you registered with, or the email address the confirmation was sent to.

Please allow up to 10 minutes to receive the confirmation email. Click here to view a list of streams available to purchase.

The artists presented in full-length streaming performances receive $5 of each $15 digital stream purchase.

Do I need an account to watch content?

An account is not required to watch the free content available on However, you do need an account in order to access full-length performance streams.

Are group screenings allowed?

Group screenings are not permitted under our current licensing agreements. Our online performances are only available for single personal viewing.

How long are online performances available?

Performances are available to stream an unlimited number of times throughout the full run of their presentation.

How will I be notified for my digital stream?

If you registered before the stream becomes available you will receive a confirmation email at the time of If you registered for a stream before its premiere date, you will receive a confirmation email at the time of registration. Then on the day of the premiere, you will receive an email to login and enjoy your presentation.

Can I view the video full-screen? 

Yes! Turn on full-screen view by clicking the full-screen icon in the lower-right corner of the video player. You can return to a smaller-screen view by clicking the same lower-right icon while in full-screen view.

Can I cast a video on my TV?

Yes, you can watch our digital streams on your home television by casting video from your phone or computer to your streaming device. If your device is set up for casting or Airplay, a casting icon in the player will appear on the lower right-hand side.

Need help setting yours up? Check out the following websites from a few popular streaming devices for additional help:

Please note that we are unable to provide customer service or technical support for TV streaming.

Why am I having trouble hearing the video? 

Check both the volume level on your computer or device as well as the volume setting in the lower-right corner of the video player. Also, check that your computer or device has not accidentally paired with an unused Bluetooth speaker or headset in your home. If you intend to play audio via Bluetooth, check that your speaker or headset has paired successfully with your computer or device, resetting the connection if needed.

Why is my video grainy? 

Video quality adjusts automatically to the speed of your internet connection. If you continue to experience grainy or low-quality video playback, your internet connection may be unstable or may have been interrupted. Try refreshing your browser, and keep other streaming content to a minimum in any open tabs and apps. If the issue persists, try a different device, restart your router, or check your ISP speed here.

Which browser should I use to have the best viewing experience?

If you’re streaming on a Windows computer, we recommend using the latest versions of Chrome or Edge. For Mac users, we recommend using the latest versions of Chrome or Safari.

I am having trouble logging in, what should I do?

If you’re having trouble logging in, please ensure that you are using the email address you used when you registered for the stream. You can retrieve or reset your password here

You also have the option to authenticate your access using the email address you registered with. During the authentication process, you will receive an email with an authentication code to enter. Submit the code, and the player will become available for you to view. 

If you are still having trouble viewing online content, please contact us at

Can I download a performance and watch it offline?

No, to watch our on demand content, you will need a continuous internet connection. Our content is streamed via the internet, not downloaded to your device.