Jacob’s Pillow has partnered with the global video channel NOWNESS to produce Body Language–a series of three films centered on the theme of breaking cultural boundaries in dance. Body Language features films from performance artist Bill Shannon, three New York City-based performing art troupes whose practice is rooted in Guang Chang Wu, and Irish Dancer Morgan Bullock. Join us for the Jacob’s Pillow release of Body Language, with an exclusive conversation led by Series Producer and Jacob’s Pillow Associate Curator Ali Rosa-Salas with the artists of Body Language. Tune in as the artists share some of their favorite moments from filming, their choreographic choices when dancing for the camera, and more.

Body Language in Conversation
Watch time: approximately 30 minutes
Premieres April 21, 2022 at 7:30pm Eastern

Body Language in Conversation video production by Nel Shelby Productions.

Body Language: Bill Shannon
Watch time: approximately 4 minutes
Premieres April 21, 2022 at 8pm Eastern

Director Leo Pfeifer follows Pittsburgh-based performance artist Bill Shannon on the streets of New York City, showcasing a gravity-defying display of dance. Shannon has developed a distinct dance vocabulary—dubbed “The Shannon Technique”—that takes kinetic cues from house and hip hop dance cultures. Leo Pfeifer captured Shannon in this poetic film that exemplifies the artist’s journey and evolving dance lexicon.

Body Language: Guang Chang Wu
Watch time: approximately 4 minutes
Premieres April 21, 2022 at 8pm Eastern

Over 100 million people gather daily in China to dance and socialize in public parks, neighborhood squares, and even underneath freeway overpasses. ⁠The dance styles can vary from Guang Chang Wu, a form of Chinese square dance, to Yangge, a popular folk dance⁠. Over the years, new pockets of public dance groups have emerged in cities around the world. Director Jean Liu captures this celebratory profile piece⁠ by bringing dancers from Manhattan Performing Arts Troupe, Team ZhiQing, and Team Red Dance Studio/Eva Dance Studio to reflect on their love for dance and heritage.

Body Language: Morgan Bullock
Watch time: approximately 2 minutes
Premieres April 21, 2022 at 8pm Eastern

Virginia-born Irish dance TikTok sensation Morgan Bullock’s unique style bridges the centuries-long tradition of Irish dance and contemporary hip-hop culture. In this moving portrait of a genre-defying dancer, director Haley Anderson pared down the frame to spotlight the static virtuosity of Irish dancing. Shot on analog film against a simple black backdrop, Bullock challenges herself to a dance-off soundtracked by Cautious Clay and Saba’s “Strange Love.”

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