Pittsfield Moves!
Community Residency

Pittsfield Moves! Community Residency
July 19-29

Make a show with us! Collaborate with Jacob’s Pillow, Working Cities Pittsfield, and Pittsfield Moves! Artistic Team/Angela’s Pulse artists and dancers to create an original performance drawing from the people and stories of Pittsfield and surrounding regions in this 10-day community residency. We are seeking your voice and skills in this process! Paid opportunities available; transportation and childcare during activities can be arranged.


1  Participate in Community Workshops

Learn from and with Angela’s Pulse artists; Come ready to dance, share stories, and create together.
Free | All ages welcome! (see schedule below) Sign up here.

2  Join the Community Ensemble

Participate in these activities, and receive compensation for performances:

  1. At least 1 Community Workshop (the more, the better!)
  2. All rehearsals (see schedule below)
  3. All performances (see schedule below)

3  Deepen your involvement as a member of the BRANCHES group

Participate in these activities, and receive compensation for performances and Creative Process Events:

  1. July 21 & 22 Community Workshops
  2. July 21 & 22 Creative Process events | share skills and build the performance
  3. All rehearsals (see schedule below)
  4. All performances (see schedule below)


All residency activities from July 19-29 take place in Pittsfield, except for the Inside/Out rehearsal & performance at Jacob’s Pillow on July 26:

Pittsfield Moves! Community Residency Kick Off:

July 19, 6:30pm | Join us for a performance at Pittsfield’s Third Thursday of Angela’s Pulse/Fishtrap

Community Workshops:

Friday, July 20, 5-7pm; Saturday, July 21, 1-3pm; Sunday, July 22, 1-3pm


Monday, July 23, 5:30-7:30pm; Tuesday, July 24, 5:30-7:30pm; Friday, July 27, 4-8pm
Wednesday, July 25, Working Cities BBQ at Durant Park; Rehearsal TBD


Thursday, July 26, 1pm-7pm | Inside/Out Tech & Performance at Jacob’s Pillow
Saturday, July 28, noon-7pm | NAACP Gather-In Festival Tech & Performance in Pittsfield

Creative Process Events (BRANCHES only): 

Saturday, July 21, 3:30-7pm; Sunday, July 22, 3:30-7pm

About Pittsfield Moves!

Conceived by Jacob’s Pillow in collaboration with lead partner The Berkshire Bridges – Working Cities Pittsfield Initiative, this year-long residency supports Berkshire-based artists and community leaders within educational, social, and economic justice organizations to develop a practice of storytelling and relationship building through movement. Learn about Pittsfield Moves!.

Want to Participate?

Take workshops, perform with artists, or dive deeper in BRANCHES!

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