We are recovering from the loss of our beloved Doris Duke Theatre. If you are looking for a way to support the Pillow’s future at this time, please donate here.

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Your gift helps bring a wide range of dance experiences to the Berkshires.

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Your gift helps bring a wide range of dance experiences to families in the Berkshires.

Why Your

Support Matters

Contributing to the Pillow is contributing to the vibrant influence of art-making and dance practice in our local communities. Gifts to the Pillow fund year-round community programs produced by Jacob’s Pillow on-site and throughout Berkshire County that provide myriad opportunities for people of all ages to experience dance. Community dance classes, year-round activities for the whole family, and programs that introduce kinesthetic learning into public school curriculum open the doors to dance for people of all ages.

“Every body moves. Dance is a universal language and can be a powerful agent to address the issues of our time. We want to be a partner and active citizen in our local community and provide opportunities for all residents of Berkshire County to engage in and with dance. We have the opportunity to bring people together in a shared arts experience – on-site at Jacob’s Pillow and throughout Berkshire County – in our schools, our community centers, at local festivals, and with partner organizations. There is a home for every body in dance.”

Thasia Giles
Director of Community Engagement and Public Programs

Focused on Families

Community programs strengthen communities by encouraging friends and families to discover dance together. The Pillow aims to create meaningful, shared experiences through dance across age groups, building a continuum of involvement with an intergenerational audience. We want to change perceptions about contemporary dance that discourage families from attending performances and build receptive audiences across generations. Supporting our community programs allows for shared experiences and broadened horizons.

Alfred and Carol Landess

Supporter Stories

“We support Jacob's Pillow and its mission not only for our personal enrichment but for that of the community at large and future generations.”

Kenny Karen and Marni Larose-Karen

Supporter Stories

“Jacob's Pillow nurtures the human spirit.”

Ways to Support Community Programs

Your support allows us to create meaningful, shared experiences through dance for Berkshire County and beyond. Thank you!