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Give to the nation’s longest running dance festival - 86 years strong.

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Give to the nation’s longest running dance festival - 85 years strong.

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One of the most exciting benefits to donating and becoming a Member of Jacob’s Pillow is early access to Festival tickets: performances by powerhouse ballet companies, legendary modern dance ensembles, acclaimed international choreographers, and more. Free outdoor performances on the iconic Inside/Out stage, site-specific work on the historic grounds, co-presentations throughout the Berkshires, and show-stopping presentations by students of The School are just a few of the countless opportunities to support and attend performances at Jacob’s Pillow.

“Jacob’s Pillow is the place in the United States where you can experience the full breadth of dance that exists today because most of our presentations are part of a festival setting, there is an incredible synergy between the artists who are performing on our stages and the teaching artists and participants of The School, and that translates to audiences as well. Dance artists frequently work in isolation. To come to an institution that celebrates the art form in all its stages of development is reenergizing and revitalizing. It renews their commitment to a challenging field, and the relationships they form here blossom into new artistic possibilities moving forward. The Pillow becomes more than a space to show work or see dance. It is a venue to spark collaboration, seek opportunity, and build lasting relationships that stretch far beyond the Berkshires.”

Pillow director Pamela Tatge

Pamela Tatge
Director of Jacob’s Pillow

Presenting Dance Since 1933

In July 1933, Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers started offering “Tea Lecture Demonstrations” in their barn studio (now known as the Bakalar Studio) to promote their work. The first audience of 45 curiosity-seekers expanded weekly so that by summer’s end, people were turned away. These Tea Lectures established roots for what was to evolve into the nation’s longest running dance festival.

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