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The 2023 Festival has come to a close, but the Pillow has plenty to offer year-round including Digital Streams, Pillow Lab Residencies, Community Programs, and more! Stay tuned for updates.

2023-2024 Pillow Lab Residencies

Discover the ten artists who will be in residency this season at our year-round incubator for artist exploration and the development of new works.

Co-Presentations this Fall

Don't miss two, new programs co-presented by the Pillow and MASS MoCA this fall, featuring genre-defying artists and theatrical productions.

A Reimagined
Doris Duke Theatre

Jacob's Pillow's new theater will look to the future with advanced technological capabilities, flexible performance spaces, and a sustainable, accessible design.

Bring the Pillow home On Demand

Enjoy the Pillow all year round with Jacob's Pillow On Demand. Discover film series, talks, dance clips, year-round streams and more.

Explore The Pillow

Intent on legitimizing dance in America as an honorable career for men, choreographer and dancer Ted Shawn founded Jacob’s Pillow in 1931.

Learn More About the Pillow’s History

“Thousands of people, of all ages, from across the United States and the world, have Jacob’s Pillow to thank for opening their horizons to dance.”

awarding Jacob’s Pillow with a 2010 National Medal of Arts

Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers in Dance of the Ages, 1938; Photo Shapiro Studios

Dance With Us On Social

Three dancers are mid-leap on an outdoor stage.
A shirtless dancer wearing a bucket hat entwines his arms over his head against a black background. Other dancers are visible behind him.
A small red-haired girl holds a flower with her back to the camera. A smiling woman is looking down at her and smiling.
Two female dancers are in front of the Ted Shawn Theatre. The dancer on the left stands smiling at the camera and the dancer on the right is mid-leap with her arms extended back and leg extended forward.
Two ballet dancers pose outdoors with trees visible behind them. The female dancer on the left wears white and leans her torso and head towards the camera, while the male dancer wearing red on her right supports her.
Two men stand in front with their arms around each other in front of a red barn.
Four dancers performing in an open air venue with trees behind them.
A male breakdancer holds himself up on his forearms with his legs in the air on an indoor stage. An audience is visible in the background.