The School 2021:
Onsite & Online

Newly-designed programs will bring a limited number of students to campus. In addition, the same remarkable Artist Faculty will lead companion online programs. Plus: online Master Classes run through February 7.

2021 Artists
Inside the Pillow Lab

Our online short films capture works in progress by artists during their fall on-site residencies. Films screen on Thursdays, with live chat with the artists.

Our Actions and Ongoing Work

Please read our end-of-year reflection on the work Jacob’s Pillow has done, and continues doing, to unseat racism and bias at our organization.

The Doris Duke Theatre

On the morning of November 17, the Doris Duke Theatre was consumed by a structure fire. No one was hurt, and no other buildings were harmed.




Intent on legitimizing dance in America as an honorable career for men, choreographer and dancer Ted Shawn founded Jacob’s Pillow in 1931.

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“Thousands of people, of all ages, from across the United States and the world, have Jacob’s Pillow to thank for opening their horizons to dance.”

awarding Jacob’s Pillow with a 2010 National Medal of Arts

Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers in Dance of the Ages, 1938. Photo: Shapiro Studios

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