June 14, 2019—Jacob’s Pillow presents the Pillow debut of Compagnie CNDC-Angers/Robert Swinston as part of the global Merce Cunningham Centennial, July 3-7 in the Ted Shawn Theatre. Under the direction of Robert Swinston, a longtime Merce Cunningham Dance Company member, later assistant to the choreographer, and finally director of choreography, France’s National Center for Contemporary Dance/Angers brings three masterworks by Cunningham: Suite for Five, Inlets 2, and How to Pass, Kick, Fall, and Run. This celebratory program also features archival footage of Cunningham performing at Jacob’s Pillow. The performance is the anchor event of a week-long exploration of this American master.

“We’re thrilled that our contribution to the Merce Cunningham Centennial will be to give Compagnie CNDCAngers its Pillow debut with an all Cunningham program. Cunningham protégé Robert Swinston is known for his vision and artistic rigor, and his dancers consistently perform some of the best Cunningham work done today,”
says Jacob’s Pillow Director Pamela Tatge.

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