How to Apply

•   Audition by Video or In Person (see below)
•   Download Application/Scholarship Packet for all information below plus needed forms.
•   Submit a complete, legible program application, carefully following instructions below.
•   Assemble and mail as instructed on Application Checklist in the Application/Scholarship Packet.

1Application Form
Non-Refundable Processing Fee, one per applicant
     $25 if postmarked by February 12 (Priority Deadline for Ballet Program)
     $40 if postmarked by March 18 (in person audition may occur after this date)
     $50 if postmarked after March 18 (reviewed as availability permits)
3.  Written Statement (2 copies, typed, 1 page maximum, titled with your name)
       (a) current course of study and/or artistic work 
       (b) career aspirations 
       (c) experiences desired/needed to reach these goals 
       (d) name, title, phone, and email for two dance artists or teachers who can speak  
            about your work   
4.  Résumé/Vita (2 copies, typed)
5.  Photo (label each copy with your name)
     For Ballet: Full-length first arabesque, women on pointe (2 copies)
     For Musical Theatre Dance: Headshot (2 copies)
6.  Support Documentation (originals are not required)
     • Professionals: Selected samples of programs, reviews, and articles about your work
     • If 17 or younger: One current teacher recommendation letter describing:
       (a) technical and performance artistry    
       (b) stamina to participate in rigorous, professional level classes and rehearsals 
       (c) ability to live and interact responsibly as an adult professional in a diverse artist   
7.  Scholarship application and attachments, if applicable


Online Video Auditions are required for Ballet, and, due to limited in person audition schedule, highly encouraged for Contemporary and Musical Theatre Dance. They are given the same consideration as in person auditions.

Footage must be: i) relevant to your program choice(s), ii) shot no more than six months prior to submission, iii) of clear quality, and iv) include a Table of Contents, listing choreographer(s) for work(s) shown, as applicable.

Upload content to a video hosting website and provide the complete URL address on the Program Application Form, Section III, or attach a DVD to your application (DVD must be American NTSC or European PAL), labeling DVD and its case with your name, program choice, and date recorded.

Please organize digital auditions as follows:  
1.  Brief verbal self-introduction, 1 minute maximum      
2.  Technique sampler, 10 minute maximum:

     (a) Ballet, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre Dance: In center floor only,         
          include exercises of grand pliés, ronds de jambe, extensions, and balances;
          followed by across-the-floor progressions of turns, jumps, and leaps.
     (b) Ballet: Must include adagio, pirouettes, petit and grand allegro, and at least
          one full variation. Pointe shoes are required for females; males should
          include tour en l'air.
     (c) Musical Theatre Dance: Must include a brief tap dance, even if beginner          
          level. Females must be in heels for jazz/musical theatre dance portions of video.

3.  Performance sampler, 8 minutes maximum:
     Provide 2-3 variations, improvisations, and/or repertory excerpts, shot in the studio,
     that demonstrate a range of dynamics, levels, tempos, and styles; and
     identify choreographers for works shown as applicable.

4.  Vocals for Musical Theatre Dance:
     Sing 16-bars of two songs, from published musical theatre works, using only the
     microphone on video camera.


Led by internationally-acclaimed artists, Jacob's Pillow auditions are structured as master classes. Each provides an excellent opportunity to take a professional class, gain audition experience, and learn about The School from Jacob's Pillow staff. 

Auditions are open to advanced dancers, ages 15 and up; wearing professional dance attire. Arrive on time with résumé/headshot stapled together to register. Parents, teachers, and friends are not permitted to observe. $15 audition fee, cash only please.

Expect a fast-paced class with a range of combinations related to the techniques and artistic expectations of the specified Program. You must audition separately for each Program; for example, a Contemporary audition cannot be used for Musical Theatre Dance consideration.

  • NOTE: Musical Theatre Dance: Auditions cover multiple dance styles; please bring all dance shoes, including tap, and be prepared to dance barefoot. Prepare 16 bars of two songs from published musical theatre works. Bring the sheet music; accompanist provided.

For the in person audition schedule, click here.

Audition & Apply

Each applicant must audition either In Person or
by Video.

Please check back for the 2016 Application/Scholarship Packet to submit following the guidelines listed below.

Visiting The School

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