Free Outdoor “Inside/Out” Performances

Bring family and friends of all ages to the Inside/Out series, offering free outdoor performances by emerging and established dance companies and presentations by dancers of The School at Jacob’s Pillow every Wednesday through Saturday at 6:15pm during the Festival.

The Henry J. Leir Stage and Marcia & Seymour Simon Performance Space, comprise this outdoor amphitheatre with a panoramic view of the Berkshires Hills. An essential part of the Pillow’s mission and a beloved tradition, Inside/Out performances are free and open to the public. Audiences of all ages and walks of life travel from around the world and right down the road to meet new people and enjoy the art of dance as a community.

Every year Inside/Out performances feature a variety of styles. Past performances have included classical ballet, tap, jazz/musical theatre dance, hip-hop, flamenco, traditional Korean dance, India’s bharata natyam, and many other genres. Performances are family-friendly and are followed by a brief question and answer session with the audience.

Patrons are welcome to arrive early to claim a seat or to bring chairs from home. Food and drink are welcome in the performance space.

2018 Inside/Out Performance Series

Inside/Out: Lida Winfield

Aug 15 | Mixing dance and theater, Lida Winfield presents Imaginary, in collaboration with Ellen Smith Ahern, Joseph Hall Laurel Jenkins and Maree ReMalia, a deep, quirky, innovative, and socially poignant work that explores perception in relation to imagination, commissioned in part by Jacob’s Pillow through the National Performance Network. The work addresses the fact that imagination is a nearly universal human trait, though it is shaped by both personal and environmental factors.

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Inside/Out: The Bang Group

Aug 16 | Choreographer David Parker returns to Jacob’s Pillow with The Bang Group, an adventurous exploration of the sonic potential of the dancing body in a varied, interlocking suite of percussive dances. The new work, A Mouthful of Shoes, works with a wide-ranging movement vocabulary drawing from classical and contemporary forms as well as tap dance, taking sets of contemporary and traditional musical scores and re-creating them as choreographic systems embodied by dancers.

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Inside/Out: Hood Nation

Aug 17 | Hood Nation, established in 2016 by Face Da Phlave Entertainment, is a multi-diverse dance company based in Philadelphia, PA. Hood Nation is a synergy of professional dancers from all around the globe and a worldwide movement, with artist representation from the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Undefined by styles, the company brings together dances from Lindy Hop, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, locking, popping, and breaking.

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Inside/Out: The School at Jacob’s Pillow | Musical Theatre Dance Program

Aug 18 | Participants of the Musical Theatre Dance Program share work created by Broadway Director/Choreographer and Program Director Chet Walker. This performance is in preparation for Gotta Dance: New Faces for Broadway.

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Inside/Out: Felipe Galganni & Company

Aug 22 | Felipe Galganni is a tap dancer, teacher, and choreographer known for his unique style and versatility in blending the American art form of tap dance with his Brazilian roots. Felipe Galganni & Company present excerpts from the concert TAP&TOM, which premiered at The Players Theatre in New York.

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Inside/Out: American College Dance Association Gala Highlights

Aug 23 | For the third year, American College Dance Association (ACDA) presents highlights from its regional festivals. The ACDA supports and promotes the wealth of talent and creativity from college and university dance departments.

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Inside/Out: Saung Budaya Dance

Aug 24 | Saung Budaya Dance was established in 2005 by Amalia Suryani to introduce new audiences to Indonesian culture through dance and music. As a vital part of the Indonesian community in New York, Saung Budaya repertoire includes various dances from all over Indonesian archipelago.

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Inside/Out: Subject:Matter

Aug 25 | Closing this year’s Inside/Out Performance Series is Boston-based tap dance company Subject:Matter. They present From the Top, an evening-length work that promises to keep audiences intrigued with its twists and turns through a wide variety of music—from funk and jazz, to afro-beat and oldie pop.

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Perform on Inside/Out

Artists appear as a part of the Inside/Out Performance Series by invitation.

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