On the right is Lex, a brown skinned man with short, tight black curly hair with a circular patch of blonde on top. Seen from behind, he sits in a director's chair and is wearing a black tee shirt. Across the back in bold, yellow, capital letters it says "Return to Dance," and in small white capital letters underneath it says "Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 2021." In front of Lex is a full audience sitting outside on wooden benches looking at a stage surrounded by trees.
Production Manager Lex Morton during a performance by CONTRA-TIEMPO; photo Christopher Duggan

We can’t believe it’s almost the end of Festival 2021! Time has flown by thanks to the thrilling artists who traveled here to Becket to perform—and to the audiences who came out to enjoy being on the Jacob’s Pillow campus once again. Our digital festival continues through September 23, but this week we wrap up our onsite programming with gratitude in our hearts.

Thank you to the artists, staff, interns, volunteers, Members, and audiences who made this happen, allowing Jacob’s Pillow fans far and wide to RETURN TO DANCE!

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Two women sit beside each other outside only visible from the waist up. They are in profile, each captured with their hands clapping mid-applause and with full, joyous smiles on their face. The woman on the left has shoulder length, dark gray hair and is wearing black framed glasses and a gray tank top with black polka-dots. The woman on the left has long, white hair and is wearing a white and blue blouse.
Pillow Audience; photo Jamie Kraus
Outside stands three women visible from the waist up. Melanie, a black-skinned woman with short, coily black hair who is wearing a multicolored blouse is on the left. She is looking at Pamela, a white woman with shoulder length blonde wavy hair and a coral button up top. She is smiling and looking at Okwui on the right, who is a black-skinned woman with short black hair. Okwui is wearing a gray blouse and has a tote bag on her shoulder.
Associate Curator Melanie George (left), Artistic & Executive Director Pamela Tatge, and festival artist Okwui Okpokwasili; photo Cherylynn Tsushima
Two woman are smiling, walking together outside. On the left is LaTasha, a black skinned woman with tight coiled curly hair who is wearing a floral patterned jumpsuit. She is looking at the woman on the right, Ephrat, a white woman with long brown hair. Ephrat is wearing a pink crop top and multi-colored striped pants and has her arm around LaTasha's shoulders.
Festival Artists LaTasha Barnes (left) and Ephrat Asherie; photo Christopher Duggan
Standing in a line are five dining staff members. Three men on the left, then a woman, and another man on the right. They are standing in a kitchen with shelves of cookware and spices behind them.
Stone Dining Team members Robbie Nielson (left), Kevin Reed, Matt Borucki-Gurdek, Emma Wilber, and Joe Mack; photo Christopher Duggan
Outside amongst the tress are two members of the video team. Mason, a white man with curly brown hair, sits wearing all black and operating a video camera. Sydney, a white woman with blonde hair in a low bun, stands behind him wearing all black and a headset.
Video Director Mason Chapello (left) and Video Documentation Intern Sydney Samson; photo Jamie Kraus
Three woman stand together smiling outside in front of a table labeled "Membership Table." On the left is Kristen, a white woman with brown hair wearing an orange tank top, black pants, and sunglasses. In the center is Taylor, a white woman with long dirty blonde hair wearing a pink and white polka-dot dress. And on the right is Alexis, a white woman with long dark hair wearing sunglasses, a red tank top and navy pants.
Ted Shawn Circle Concierge Kristin Reeves (left), Philanthropy Intern Taylor Wood, and Manager of Membership & Individual Support Alexis DiBartolomeo; photo Christopher Duggan
Brenna, a white woman with brown hair in braided pig-tails stands outside wearing a white and blue striped dress and glasses. She's holding a clipboard and smiling while looking at someone out of frame. Behind her are wooden benches facing an outdoor stage.
Patron Services Manager Brenna Dillon; photo Jamie Kraus
Erin, a brown skinned woman with coily black hair is wearing a black tee shirt that says "STREB" in all capital yellow letters. She is outside and holding onto a curved metal bar.
Production Intern Erin Meadors positioning STREB equipment; photo Jamie Kraus

Written by Megan Ruffalo. Published August 2021.