Life Encounters: Archie Burnett

Digital Screening | August 12-26
Online premiere with live chat August 12 at 7:30pm Eastern

Directed by the legendary Archie Burnett, first Father of the New York-based House of Ninja, Life Encounters invites audiences to witness the evolution of New York City underground dance histories by way of Burnett’s most cherished personal memories. From long nights spent at NYC’s iconic underground dance party The Loft to developing kinships with the Hustle, Waacking, Vogue, and post-modern dance communities, Burnett and a dynamic cast of guest artists—Abdiel Jacobsen, Princess Lockeroo, Ephrat Asherie, and more—embody the adage that there is nothing quite like a life well-danced. A leading figure in the social and street dance scene for over 45 years, Burnett co-directed the Street & Club Dances program at The School at Jacob’s Pillow last summer, and has performed at Danspace, 92nd Street Y, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

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This is an online film presentation of a live event occurring at Jacob’s Pillow July 28 – August 1. If you are interested in booking a ticket to attend this event in-person, please click here.

Event Dates
Thursday, Aug 12

7:30 PM

Online Event:
Life Encounters: Archie Burnett

At jacobspillow.org: Aug 12