Faye Driscoll is one of the dance world’s most striking and sought after talents.

A New York Dance and Performance (“Bessie”) Award-winning choreographer, Driscoll is an alumna of The School at Jacob’s Pillow and “one of the most original talents on the contemporary dance scene” (The New York Times).

Her ensemble work Thank You for Coming: Attendance is the first installment of a trilogy which softens the borders between artist and audience, making for an “unpredictable, funny, and endlessly entertaining” experience (The Chicago Tribune). Performed in the round with an intimate number of audience members, Driscoll’s work is surprising, humorous, and deeply human.

Watch an interview with Dance Magazine‘s Wendy Perron and choreographer Faye Driscoll as they discuss Driscoll’s Thank You For Coming series here.

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Faye Driscoll

At Jacob’s Pillow: Jul 5 - Jul 9