This year’s Flamenco & Spanish Dance program is led by the award-winning faculty below.

Artist Faculty

Irene Rodríguez

Irene Rodríguez is the leading figure of Spanish dance in Cuba. She is a first dancer, professor, and choreographer, and has worked as a dancer and choreography consultant for the Ballet Nacional de Cuba.

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Carmela Greco

Carmela Greco is recognized by the International Council of Dance in UNESCO as a Spanish Heritage artist. She is Dance Nations President of the José Greco Foundation for Hispanic Dance and Director of the Flamenco Seminar in Cádiz. The daughter of Flamenco legend José Greco, Carmela Greco has performed, choreographed, and taught flamenco in Spain and around the world.

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Carmen Ledesma

Carmen Ledesma, a remarkable career begins in 1960, with her first debut at only four-years-old. In 1963, she was awarded the Juana la Macarrona prize at the National Competition of Flamenco Arts in Cordoba. She worked alongside Antonio Gades at the National Ballet of Spain, as well as prestigious flamenco companies such as Mario Maya, Farruco, and Curro Velez.

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Peter Basil Bogdanos

Peter Basil Bogdanos is a multi-faceted producer and percussionist who has worked with major figures in flamenco, hip-hop, jazz, salsa, rock acts, and everything in between. Over the past twenty years, he has recorded and toured the United States, Japan, and Europe. Read more in his bio.

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Cristian Puig

Cristian Puig’s Flamenco career stems from his heritage passed on from his parents Pablo (guitarist) and Gloria (singer). He started playing guitar at age 20 and never looked back. In 1989 Puig formed the flamenco-jazz group “Rabat” and led the group in performances throughout South America.

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