Carmen Ledesma

Flamenco & Spanish Dance Program
Artist Faculty

Carmen Ledesma, a remarkable career begins in 1960, with her first debut at only four-years-old. In 1963, she was awarded the Juana la Macarrona prize at the National Competition of Flamenco Arts in Cordoba. She worked alongside Antonio Gades at the National Ballet of Spain, as well as prestigious flamenco companies such as Mario Maya, Farruco, and Curro Velez. She trained under the legendary Enrique el Cojo, and was accompanied by famous Cantaores such as Camaron de la Isla, Naranjito de Triana, Lebrijano, and Jose Menese. Ledesma, with her unique style, is one of today’s most highly recognized dancers and performers of the Sevillian dance of flamenco. Her master classes are highly valued in Spain, as well as in Europe, United States, Latin America, and Japan. She is a strong advocate of the pure flamenco dance art form, she is known and recognized as a living legend.

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