We are recovering from the loss of our beloved Doris Duke Theatre. If you are looking for a way to support the Pillow’s future at this time, please donate here.

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Your gift helps preserve and exhibit the Pillow’s exceptional history.

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Your gift helps preserve and exhibit the Pillow’s exceptional history.

Why Your

Support Matters

Jacob’s Pillow is built on the memories of what has been achieved here. From the very beginning, the Pillow displayed a commitment to those hungry to immerse themselves in dance history by preserving and providing access to artifacts, evidence, and testimony. Your gift to Jacob’s Pillow becomes part of a legacy that allows young dancers, established scholars, writers, historians, professors, and choreographers to visit our Reading Room and immerse themselves in dance through books, videos, photographs, and more. Giving to the Pillow is adding to the trail, so future generations can look back and feel connected.

“A big part of my work is connecting people with materials, ideas, information, and resources. When people walk into Blake’s Barn for the first time – the Reading Room and the exhibitions on display –  they get this wonderful expression on their faces. Over and over again I hear visitors saying, ‘It’s so inviting’ or ‘It’s so welcoming.’ I think that’s really powerful. That’s a feeling we want to instill in visitors to feel throughout the Pillow grounds. The experience of encountering dance and discovering our history hand-in-hand, in a way that is welcoming and warm, throws open doors for people.”

Norton Owen
Director of Preservation

Donna Astion

Pillow Member

Supporter Stories

"The Pillow has been a constant in my life since I was 14. I am now a young senior. Both my children, now grown, spent many summer nights at the I/O stage, watching all sorts of dance. What a fantastic venue to introduce children to the lively arts. I mention these things only to remind folks at the Pillow of the enduring importance of the experience that JP provides, how profound that legacy is, and the many ways that the Pillow touches so many people with invisible threads that might be unknown.”

Laura Ingoglia

1962 and 1963 School participant and longtime member

Supporter Stories

“Participating in Jacob’s Pillow as a young student and now as an audience member and supporter has truly enriched my life. It is my profound desire that the Pillow be able to continue to nurture careers of its dedicated students, inspire its audiences, empower performing artists around the world, and ensure that the magnificent art of dance flourishes for generations.”

Naina Dewan

Alumni of The School at Jacob’s Pillow (1994)

Supporter Stories

“I am so grateful for the ongoing presence, inspiration, Dance Interactive, emails, photography/videography, and programming that Jacob Pillow continues to bring into my life. Please know that you are enhancing my life, and the lives of my hundreds of students, with all that you do in the world of dance.
The Dance Interactive is one of the primary tools that I use in the dance classes I teach at Converse College. I also recommend the Jacob’s Pillow summer internships and The School programs to all of my students.”

Ways to Support Precious Preservation

Your charitable gift provides resources to preserve historic artifacts and record present events and activity. Thank you!