July 26, 2017 – (Becket, MA) Jacob’s Pillow presents dendy/donovan projects in their most recent dance-theater work, Elvis Everywhere, in the Doris Duke Theatre, August 9-13. Distinguished Artistic Directors Mark Dendy and Stephen Donovan collaborate to create a production that pairs playful movement with insightful social commentary. Elvis Everywhere treats the timeline of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame as a symbol of the shifting political climate in the United States. Praised for his “sheer craftsmanship” by Alastair Macaulay of The New York Times, Dendy communicates and critiques our infectious obsession with American celebrity figures. Andrew Boynton of The New Yorker says, “Mark Dendy is on a quest—for truth in his art, for acceptance of his past, for an honest confrontation of the world’s ills…Dendy has a sharp wit, which frequently emerges from the characters he creates, indelibly limned.”

“I love Mark Dendy’s intense physicality and sense of humor. Part love letter, part political commentary, he brings both to bear in this examination of the cult of Elvis,” says Jacob’s PIllow Director Pamela Tatge.

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