June 6, 2017 – (Becket, MA) New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award-winning choreographer Faye Driscoll is “one of the most original talents on the contemporary dance scene” (Roslyn Sulcas, The New York Times). Her ensemble work Thank You For Coming: Attendance, presented in the Doris Duke Theatre July 5-9, is the first installment of a trilogy which softens the borders between artist and audience, making for an “unpredictable, funny, and endlessly entertaining” experience (Laura Molzahn, The Chicago Tribune). Performed in-the-round with an intimate number of audience members, Driscoll’s work is rich, surprising, and deeply human.

“I’m excited to have Pillow audiences meet Faye Driscoll and her company,” comments Jacob’s Pillow Director Pamela Tatge. “The Doris Duke Theatre will be completely transformed and audiences will enter a world guided by an extraordinary cast of dancer/actors who take us to a place of great humor, beauty, and meaning where we are reminded of our shared humanity.”

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