Indigenous Enterprise | August 4, 2022

The Native American and Canadian collective Indigenous Enterprise first stunned crowds at the Sydney Opera House in 2018 with their explosively jubilant dance and colorful regalia honoring the legacies of their elders. Their new intertribal work “Indigenous Liberation” features songs, stories, and dances from Turtle Island (a folkloric term for North America), led by champion powwow dancers. The work will highlight Men’s Fancy War Dance (Ponca), Jingle Dress (Ojibwa), Hoop (Taos Pueblo), Chicken Dance (Blackfoot), Flute (Cree), and Grass Dance (Omaha), in a celebration of what lies at the heart of these powerful traditions.

Event Dates
Thursday, Aug 4

6:00 PM

Indigenous Enterprise

At Henry J. Leir Outdoor Stage: Aug 4