Aug 10 - Aug 13


Liz Lerman | August 10–13, 2022

Witches, trials, and exhibitions fly around in Liz Lerman’s new acclaimed evening-length dance-theater piece, Wicked Bodies. Liz and the unusual cast of performers have been exploring how our bodies become sources of evil and power – from fairy tales to government policies. Why is some knowledge celebrated, some criminalized, and some erased altogether? And who gets to document, describe, and save the remnants? In the presence of magic both old and new, and a surprising collection of witches, audiences will make their way through a restless story and a smashing of worlds. The multidisciplinary piece is designed specifically for a unique setting at Jacob’s Pillow.

Aided by an award-winning design team and developed in part at the Pillow Lab, Lerman creates a world of old crones, shape-shifters, familiars, and imps leading us into a post-extinction tale. Lerman is a MacArthur Fellow and a Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award recipient whose work is rooted in intense research, described as having “expansive range, emotional depth and singular beauty” (The Washington Post).

ACCESSIBILITY: This performance takes place at a single site with chairs under a tent. This performance is wheelchair accessible. The performance site is a short distance from the Jacob’s Pillow Box Office. Golf carts are available to assist audience members to and from the site.

Event Dates
Wednesday, Aug 10

8:15 PM

Thursday, Aug 11

8:15 PM

Friday, Aug 12

8:15 PM

Saturday, Aug 13

8:15 PM

Liz Lerman

At Festival Tent: Aug 10 - Aug 13