Pillow Lab:
Hari Krishnan/inDANCE

At Perles Family Studio: Mar 9

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Pillow Lab:
Hari Krishnan/inDANCE

Residency: February 28 – March 10, 2024
Showing: March 9, 2024

Hari Krishnan, a choreographer who specializes in Bharatanatyam, queer, and contemporary dance from global perspectives, will be developing ROWDIES IN LOVE in his Pillow Lab. The choreographic process will use an original contemporary Bharatanatyam movement vocabulary to explore representations of precision and queer intimacy. Krishnan will investigate the clichés of hyper-masculinity, ultimately burning these clichés by fluently shifting gender and contemporaneously shedding archaic cultural stereotypes. Krishnan aims to “reveal one’s true self, as is, in the here and Now.”

About Hari Krishnan/inDANCE

Described by the Toronto Star as a “maverick gadfly who is aggressively iconoclastic (and) a Very Naughty Boy who scoffs at tradition, turns things upside down and shakes out all the cobwebs,” Hari Krishnan is a Connecticut and Toronto based choreographer and educator. A Bessie and Dora Award-nominated dance artist, he is the artistic director of inDANCE. Krishnan’s choreography is technically rigorous, subversive, and fused with contemporary sensibilities. Some of his pieces are bombastic, boldly confronting political and sociological issues. As an educator, Krishnan is a Professor in the Department of Dance at Wesleyan University. His monograph Celluloid Classicism: Early Tamil Cinema and the Making of Modern Bharatanatyam, has been hailed as “an invaluable addition to the scholarship on Bharatanatyam.”

ROWDIES IN LOVE is being developed with the generous support from the New England Foundation for the Arts through a National Dance Project Production Grant, with additional funding support from The Bank of Montreal and The Canada Council for the Arts.