PillowTalk: Meet Dr. Shamell Bell

At Youtube.com: Jul 10

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PillowTalk: Meet Dr. Shamell Bell | Friday, July 10, 2020 at 5pm

This event took place as part of Virtual Festival 2020.

A visiting faculty member at Dartmouth known as a Street Dance Activism Scholar, Dr. Shamell Bell positions street dance as an alternative strategy for radical social change.

Moderated by Melanie George, a dance educator, choreographer, dramaturg, and scholar who debuted as a Pillow Scholar-in-Residence in 2019.

This event runs for approximately 60 minutes.

This event is produced in collaboration with

Nel Shelby, Producer | Loren R. Robertson, Assistant Producer/Editor
Cherylynn Tsushima, Project Manager | Vincent Vigilante, Videographer
Benjamin Richards, Videographer/Editor/Graphic Animation
Ashli Bickford, Videographer/Editor | Amber Schmiesing, Editor
Jacob Marks, Recordist | Kathryn Brodie, Intern