The Art & Science of Partnering

Ilya Vidrin & Reciprocity Collaborative’s Research Laboratory | July 23-28

Sommers Studio transformed into an interactive research laboratory where movement became the primary tool of research. Harvard University Fellow Ilya Vidrin’s Reciprocity Collaborative brought together expertise of Argentinian Tango, Latin/Ballroom Technique, Classical Pas de Deux, and Contact Improvisation to further develop mobile interface technology that investigates the aesthetic ideals and ethical dimensions of partnering. Key collaborators were individuals with diverse perspectives on partnering including Wendy Whelan, Brian Brooks, Sylvain Lafortune, Valeria Solomonoff, and Orlando Reyes, among others.

Boston-based Reciprocity Collaborative develops technology that stimulates a mindful understanding of bodily movement and sensitizes users to their own modes of physical and verbal communication. Their work manifests in research in clinical care, community engagement, site-specific performance, interactive art, and more. The collaborative’s current research investigates wearable technology for use in movement interventions for diverse populations in artistic, clinical, and professional settings, including professional performers, patients with movement disorders, and individuals who seek to develop strategies to communicate effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

Full Schedule of Events

Inside/Out: Tethered by Reciprocity Collaborative | Jul 24, 6:15pm

Ilya Vidrin’s Reciprocity Collaborative, in the midst of their week-long research, break down their movement technology for audiences through performances of a series of duets and an open demonstration that brings together expertise of Argentinian Tango, Latin/Ballroom Technique, Classical Pas de Deux, and Contact Improvisation with a guest tango performance by Valeria Solomonoff and Orlando Reyes. Learn more. | FREE

Demonstration: Sylvain Lafortune & Annick Hamel | Jul 25, 8:30pm

Sylvain Lafortune performed with major classical and modern dance companies around the world before pursuing Graduate and Doctorate studies in the theoretical and practical understanding of partnering. To showcase his research, he brought excerpts from L’un L’autre, a stunning new duet originally choreographed with long-time partner Esther Rousseau-Morin. | FREE

PillowTalk: The Art & Science of Partnering | Jul 26, 5pm

Canadian dancer/teacher Sylvain Lafortune and Boston-based artist/researcher Ilya Vidrin are both examining the role of partnering in dance, and shared their approaches in this collaborative conversation. Learn more. | FREE

Tango Playground | Jul 26, 9:30pm

ACE and HOLA award-winning Tango choreographer, Valeria Solomonoff, and 2019 USA Stage Tango Champion, Orlando Reyes, lead a game-filled evening designed to spark creativity and cultivate connection. For tango and non-tango dancers alike, no previous experience required. | FREE

Demonstration: Wendy Whelan & Brian Brooks | Jul 27, 5pm

Associate Artistic Director of New York City Ballet and Pillow Trustee Wendy Whelan and choreographer Brian Brooks have been collaborators since Whelan transitioned from a career in ballet to contemporary dance. They revisited their contemporary partnering duets for Reciprocity Collaborative research laboratory. | FREE

Partnering in Action: Swing Dance Party | Jul 27
(after evening performances)

Amidst a week of the aesthetic ideals and ethical dimensions of partnering, Jacob’s Pillow celebrated all of the ways dancers partner in swing dance. Caleb Teicher & Company and Festival artists joined in this fun and casual evening of swing dance in the Perles Family Studio. | FREE