Hasan is a multi-percussionist, singer and composer who found his first musical expressions in the tonal arts of the drum. He has studied in the teaching discipline for most of his adult life with such notables as Chief Bey (shekere and bell), Babafeami (Conga), Nana Vasconcelos (berimbau and caxixi), Little Ray Romero (timbales), and Mbemba Bangoura on (Djembe).

Hasan was born in Savannah, Georgia. He has been interested in sound and rhythm from his earliest childhood; later, he expanded this exploration to incorporate voice and the mbira. He is a guardian of the traditions of his ancestry and allows these influences to ground his approach to music.

Over his career, Hasan has nurtured and molded a dynamic and unique vocal ability. A founding member of the Spirit Ensemble and Heritage OP, these associations with kindred spirits have allowed Hasan to mature as a composer. He has penned a collection of works for dance and the media arts, and is a co- writer credit on the film, Brooklyn Babylon. He is a 1998 Ethnic Dance Award Recipient from Dance Giant Steps Inc.

Hasan has a 33-year history in conducting African musical instrument demos, student assembly programs, in-school artist residencies and youth empowerment workshops. He has performed with a number of artists including The Winard Harper Sextet, Snow, Hassan Hakmoum, Zimbabwean Mbira Master Ephat Mujuru, Salieu Suso, Abdullah Ibrahim and Ekaya, The Meditations, VieuxDiop and many more.