Celebrated as one of the world’s greatest modern dance groups, the Limón Dance Company marked its 75th anniversary in 2022. This celebratory program featured works by Limón, Doris Humphrey, a new work by choreographer/dancer/musician Olivier Taparga, originally from Burkina Faso, commissioned by the Pillow for the 90th Anniversary thanks to the Joan B. Hunter New Work Commission.

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Three femme dancers touch palms while two other hold their arms up behind them.

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Dive into J. Soto’s essay, Reflections on José Limón, examining how Limón navigated belonging & identity in his work.


In podcast episode A Study of José Limón: Artist and Immigrant, J. Soto hosts a study of José Limón and his Mexican roots.

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The remains of the Pillow’s Doris Duke Theatre were memorialized in an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art by visual artist Yve Laris Cohen. In conversation are exhibition curator Martha Joseph and two participants in related performance events, former Pillow Director Liz Thompson and Preservation Director Norton Owen.

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Deepa Liegel, Mariah Gravelin, and Frances Lorraine Samson of Limón Dance Company in