Onsite Event:
Cirque Barcode & Acting for Climate Montréal

At Pillow Grounds: Aug 13 - Aug 15

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This performance took place August 13-15. Scroll for bonus content.

Cirque Barcode and Acting for Climate Montréal, two Montréal based circus companies, started collaborating in 2019 with a mission to work towards a more sustainable future by combining performing arts and environmentalism. The group reimagines the way their art is practiced, finding concrete solutions to environmental challenges. They perform in and around nature as a way to reconnect with their local environment.  

Their new work Branché is an acrobatic circus performance for all ages that happens outdoors, in and around trees. Revolving, climbing, and jumping around each other, the acrobats adapt and are directly influenced by the environment and location they perform in. The work celebrates the strength of community and emphasizes the human responsibility to refine and steward our relationship with the natural environment. As the only international company performing on the Pillow’s campus this year, the artists are dedicated to crafting a unique experience using the natural landscape as their apparatus. 

Jacob’s Pillow acknowledges PS21, Performances Spaces for the 21st Century where Branché will have its U.S. premiere on August 7 and who has partnered with us to ensure the tour of this program has minimal environmental impact.

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